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Treet-It Anti Lice Kit

We do understand that the removal of head lice and nits is not easy. Some parents posted that our product did not help. The removal of head lice and nits is not only about the product, but it is also about how to prevent re-contamination. Please click link in the menu  which will take you to a page with some helpful prevention advice. Treet-It Anti Lice Kit works so well that it is used by Lice Treatment Clinics such as The Nit-pickers
Here are some testimonials posted to our page about how Treet-It Anti Lice Kit has helped parents.

Bronwyn Matthews Newman Tried 3 useless products before i found this kit and it worked like a bomb! One trusted product for sure

Caron van der Walt The only treatment I ever used for my kids. A friend of mines daughter used the chemical option and her daughters hair fell out. I always highly recommend it!

Michelle Marnitz Treet-It Anti Lice Kit, is really the best I tried almost everything on my 5yr old daughter, then I was told to try this anti lice kit, was the best, within a day everything came out of her, and makes hair really soft aswel, she hasn't had any lice ever since I started using Treet-It Anti Lice Kit, and I was her once every 2 weeks Treet-It Anti Lice Kit, it does wonders.

Angie Hawkins I use it for my kids and myself to treat and prevent. I have it in my house at all times now.

Shelli-May Timms Treet-It Anti-Lice Products were my best friend when my kids were growing up. easy maintenance system that kept the lice away.

Monica van Noordwyk Really works even on long thick hair

Shannon Porter I only use this. And it smells nice. My daughters hair is very long and not fun to treat. Thank you

Mari Stormie Britz I realy love your product. It works very well and I highly recommend it!!!

Beverley Rademeyer Moreland Never without this product. I have two little girl and lice is a problem at the nursery school from kids sleeping close to each other and on the mat outside
We were on holiday in Cape Town the and found out my little girl had lice for the first time. The only place open at the time recommend this product and now we don't go without it
And yes it helps with knots and smells nice too.

Dina Dos Santos i vouch for this kit, so easy to use and smells lovely... my daughter has long hair and its forever going around in the school. would recommend it highly

Natasha Grobler There is nothing that works better! So thankfull for something that eventually truly works and doesnt make you broke when buying it!