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The Treet-It ® Range of Anti-Lice products is a non-toxic head lice treatment range. Its Tea Tree Oil based formula kills head lice effectively and is free of potentially harmful pesticides such as gamma benzene hexachloride, permethrin, pyrethrum and lindane.

  • Pesticide free formula.
  • Kills and prevents Head Lice and Nits (eggs).
  • Safe for repeated use.
  • Safe to use after using pesticide based products.

Many treatments used today contain harsh pesticides. Due to the overuse of these pesticides, lice have become immune to them. The long term safety of these pesticides when applied to the human scalp has also been called into question in recent times.

Treatments using Tea Tree Oil are just as effective, and they are also safe.

Using products that only contain mineral oil and/or silicone is insufficient to control head lice. One needs an active ingredient such as Tea Tree Oil to kill them.